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Bossier City Roofing Company

Your home’s roof is an essential component. Not only does it shield you and your family against the elements, but it also protects your home’s contents from damage. A critical component such as your roof requires professional service. The roofing professionals at Quality Exteriors supply our commercial and residential roofing clients with top-notch services in Bossier City and the surrounding areas. Quality is in our name, and we ensure we provide just that on every roofing project we undertake. Whatever your roofing needs, our family-owned and operated business has the top roofing contractors around! Quality Exteriors has 35 years of experience in the industry. Our Bossier City roofing company has the knowledge and skills to provide complete customer satisfaction.  Our company specializes in roof replacements, roof repairs, roof maintenance, window installation, window replacement, and siding installation and repair. Call us at (318) 747-1254 when you’re looking for quality roofing services for your home improvement project. 

Bossier City Roofing Contractors

bossier city roof repair We provide courtesy roof inspections and estimates for your new roof installation, roof repair, or roof maintenance and work with you to determine your budget and payment options. Quality Exteriors communicates with your insurer on covered projects and guides you through the insurance process. 

Roof Replacement in Bossier City

Even the highest quality roof reaches the end of its useful life. An aging or damaged roof creates problems for your home and needs replacement. Quality Exteriors offers the latest in roofing trends and high-quality roofing materials such as:

  • Asphalt shingle roofing
  • Ceramic tile roofing
  • Flat roofing
  • Metal roofing
  • Modified Bitumen roofing
  • Standing seam metal roofing
  • Wood shingle roofing

We discuss the options and advise our customers on the choice that best fits their specifications and project budget. 

Roof Repair in Bossier City

Bossier City top roofing contractors Many roofing companies avoid small repair jobs. However, Quality Exteriors knows that sometimes our customers need a minor issue fixed. Our company has performed thousands of repairs at a reasonable price for our residential and commercial clients.  Louisiana weather is brutal on roofing systems. So, whether your roof is worn because of age or damaged by the elements, Quality Exteriors quickly works to fix your problem. The Bossier City service professionals at our company stand ready to complete any size project, from small water leaks or missing shingles to the destruction caused by rainstorms, strong winds, debris, or even fire.  

Chimney Repair in Bossier City

Inclement weather also causes chimney damage. A damaged chimney may not seem as urgent, but it can be a safety hazard and cause property damage – especially in a storm. 

Common Chimney Issues

  • Chimney Blockage – Carbon monoxide and other deadly gasses cannot exit your home if a chimney blockage exists. Your family, employees, and business face serious health risks from these gasses. Our roofing professionals investigate and clear up the blockage as quickly as possible. 
  • Creosote Build-Up – Burning wood or pellets releases creosote. If not cleaned regularly, creosote accumulation can potentially cause a fire. Annual chimney assessments check creosote levels.
  • Damaged Mortar and Bricks – Age and weather cause bricks and mortar to deteriorate. A chimney replacement may be necessary when this happens. 
  • Missing or Damaged Chimney Caps – Chimney caps keep trash, animals, and sometimes moisture from getting into your chimney. A Quality Exteriors roofing professional replaces your chimney cap if it is missing or damaged. 

Quality Exteriors has an expert team of roofing professionals experienced in every type of roof repair. Our Bossier City roofing company is the best choice to call when you need a roofing repair and want it done right the first time. 

Roof Maintenance Plans in Bossier, LA

Roof maintenance includes regularly checking the areas on a roof most likely to have a problem. The frequency of roof check-ups (quarterly, biannual, or annual) depends on the type of roofing selected and whether it is commercial or residential.  There are specific tasks our roofing pros complete during routine roof maintenance. Some of the most important items include: 

  • Check for cracked or worn pipe boots
  • Debris removal from the roof, gutters, and valleys
  • Inspect for animal intrusion
  • Check that fans or turbines work correctly and ridge vents have no blockages
  • Look for missing or loose caulk and flashings
  • Ensure a certified chimney technician inspects your chimney

Roofing maintenance is essential because it protects the long-term condition of your roof. Annual inspections are necessary, even if your roof is newer. An average roof with asphalt shingles lasts 15 to 30 years when properly maintained. Inspections catch potential issues and maximize your roof’s functional life. 

Bossier Roofing Company Information

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How Do I Know if a Roofing Company is Legit?

Never underestimate the importance of your home’s roof. It protects you, your home’s structural components, and all the interior contents. Make sure you choose a reputable Bossier City roofing business that provides top-notch work and outstanding customer service. When making your selection, it is crucial that you ask about:

  • Insurance – A reputable contractor is typically insured. Insurance provides a customer with liability protection if a contractor gets injured on the job, and insurance policies may cover property damage caused during the work. Insurers don’t cover companies that provide poor craftsmanship or quality, so you know the business is legitimate. 
  • Full Payment Required Up-Front – Some roofers may require a partial down payment before they begin work. However, most reputable companies will not ask for full payment before they complete the job. A roofer may not be legitimate if they push for full payment before they begin your roofing job.
  • Signing a Contract – Before entering into an agreement with a roofing contractor to perform work on your roof, you should both sign a contract that lists the responsibilities of both parties. A contract protects the homeowner and the roofing company against wrongdoing. The document also details the total cost of the work and itemizes the specific charges for the roofing work. Never sign an incomplete contract. 

How to Hire a Roofing Contractor in Bossier City, Louisiana

There are two types of roofers: roofing companies and independent contractors. Roofing companies may be more capable of completing large jobs fast and offer free consultations, warranties, and discounts. In comparison, an individual may take longer to complete a large project like a roof replacement. However, independent contractors may be a good choice for quick repairs.  The first step in hiring a roofing contractor is word of mouth. Ask your friends, neighbors, and neighborhood association for recommendations. Also, review their rating with the Better Business Bureau and check Google for verified reviews.  Schedule consultations with your top choices next. Make sure you check their references and qualifications and ensure they are licensed and bonded. Compare their bids and negotiate a final project price that includes your requirements and needs.   

What You Should Know Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

As previously mentioned, you should know your roofing contractor’s qualifications before hiring them for your job. Learn how much experience they have and whether they are licensed, insured, and bonded. You must also know whether they are willing to provide references and write an estimate for their proposed work. Speak with multiple companies before making a selection and compare the bids. Companies may have different recommendations about the work required, materials, and labor costs.

Questions to Ask a Roofer

Before you meet with a roofing contractor, prepare a list of questions to discuss with them. The essential questions you should ask include:

  • Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?
  • Is the business local?
  • How long have you worked in the roofing industry?
  • What warranties do you offer?
  • Can I speak with the owner about problems that arise?
  • Can you provide references?
  • How do you ensure my property’s safety?
  • How do you clean up after completing the job?

Licensed Roofing Contractors in Bossier City, LA

Bossier City Roofing Contractors Quality Exteriors is a locally owned and operated company with more than 35 years working with Bossier City and Shreveport, LA, customers on their roofing projects. The dedicated roofing professionals at our company pride themselves on providing excellent customer service to each of our clients. Family values and a commitment to our customers make us one of the area’s most reliable roofers. Our technicians receive extensive training in providing the highest standard of work and ensuring our customers have an enjoyable and positive experience.  Please call our offices at (318) 747-1254 or fill out our online form when you are looking for a Bossier City roofing company. We take scheduled appointments, and our emergency services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

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