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It is something that no homeowner wants to deal with but is often simply unavoidable: roof damage. What may start as a small leak can quickly add up, requiring costly repairs and even full replacements. Roof damage tends to have a sort of domino effect. When one thing goes wrong, it leads to another problem, which can then lead to further problems, and so on and so forth.

This is precisely why it is crucial that you pay attention to the warning signs of a damaged roof, of which there are many. In this post, our professionals at Quality Exterior Roofing in Bossier City will answer the question, “How do you know if your roof is damaged?”

How To Tell If You Need a New Roof

The first and most obvious indicator that it’s time for a new roof is that your roof is old. Even the most sturdy roofs don’t last forever. In fact, most roofs only hold up for about 20 to 25 years, maybe 30 if you’re lucky. An aged roof is much more susceptible to damage, so paying attention to the age of your roof is essential. Missing shingles and curling or dark spots on your roof may be a sign that your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan.

There are certain factors to consider that might age your roof quicker than normal. For example, those who live in a particularly rainy climate may find their roof’s lifespan cut in half. The material of your roof also plays a large role in the aging process. Getting a professional roof inspection can help determine the approximate age of your roof and whether or not it needs to be replaced.

How Do You Know If Your Roof Is Damaged?

Aside from its age, there are other telltale signs that your roof is in bad condition. Below, we’ll include a list of some of the most common signs of roof damage.

Signs of Roof Damage

Noticeable Sagging

A sagging roof might indicate a number of things. Your roof may be weak and decaying, improperly installed, or it may be supporting too much weight (ice, snow, added roof layers, etc.). Drooping or sagging of the roof, in any event, strongly indicates that your roof needs to be replaced. It might even be a sign that the entire house has structural problems and could potentially collapse if you do not act quickly.

Missing Shingles

This might result from storm damage or simply a roof that has outlived its usefulness. When shingles break loose or fall off, the area beneath them becomes exposed, which can lead to roof leaks. A roofing professional can examine the entire roof and determine whether the damage is serious enough to warrant replacement or whether simply replacing the missing shingles would suffice.

Curling, Broken, or Cracked Shingles

The weather can wreak havoc on a roof. The combination of UV radiation and storm damage will eventually cause the shingles to crack and curl. Your roof’s cracked and curled shingles indicate that it might begin leaking at any time. You might also notice that your roof simply looks strange or abnormal. Some areas may appear to be more textured than others, and from the ground, your roof may even appear bumpy. If you see these warning signs, you need to contact a roofing contractor as soon as possible.

Water Stains or Leaks

Many customers call and ask, “Why is my roof leaking?” If you find water stains running from the ceiling to the walls within your home, you may have a roof leak. You’ll want to get your roof fixed as quickly as possible if this is the case. Otherwise, a minor leak might quickly become a major one. Inadequate roof ventilation, for example, can result in mold and mildew, which can cause significant health issues as well as costly repairs. If water is seeping into your house or attic, it’s likely that your shingle underlayment is insufficient or that your roof’s flashing has deteriorated. In this case, you’ll need to learn how to tarp a roof or have a professional roofer come out and look at it.

Mold and Moss

Mold, moss, and other fungi may be evidence of moisture trapped in your roof. Mold grows as moisture builds up, which can cause significant damage. Not only will your home sustain damage, but mold can also have a negative effect on you and your family’s health. It is possible to prevent moisture buildup if the soffits, which are vents that allow heated attic air to escape by creating circulation, are clean. However, if your soffits are blocked, this will encourage mold growth. It is also important to pay attention to the intersection of your roof and external walls. Rot may eat away at your home’s sheathing and structure over time. To keep mold from growing, you may need to apply kick-out flashing.

Visible Nails

If nails start to pop out of position, the holes and gaps left behind are vulnerable to water infiltration, which can lead to roof leaks. Because of the damage caused by the moisture, you may need to repair your roof sooner than you had planned.

Gutter Rust

Rusted gutters may also signal roof damage. If your gutters begin to leak as well, this may be due to corroded seams. It may simply be that you need a gutter replacement in Bossier City, or it could indicate more serious problems concerning your roof.

Gutter Granules

Provided your house has gutters, you may use them to identify early roof problems if you know where to look. When roof shingles receive damage or reach the end of their useful life, the granule coating that protects your house begins to wear away. These granules may wash into the gutters of your property and into your yard or driveway. Your roof’s capacity to protect your house becomes limited after these granules are gone.

Increase in Heating and Cooling Bills

A rise in heating and cooling expenditures might indicate various roofing problems. For starters, moisture from a leak in your attic may deteriorate your insulation. When insulation is destroyed, heat is lost in the winter, and cooler air escapes in the summer. It might also indicate that your home lacks attic ventilation or that roof damage allows bad air to enter while good air escapes. If you let this disturbance go unchecked, your energy cost will rise significantly.

Does Insurance Cover Roof Damage in Louisiana?

Louisiana is especially vulnerable to hurricane-force winds that often leave behind serious damage. Not to mention it is located in Tornado Alley, where hailstorms frequently destroy buildings. As a result of all of this, several homes are left with significant roof storm damage.

It is not uncommon for homeowners to be concerned when it comes to the cost of tearing off and replacing a roof, and they want to know whether or not their roof’s storm damage is covered by insurance. The answer to this depends on a few things. For one, every insurance policy is different, so there is no way to tell for sure what will be covered and what will not.

However, many insurance policies do cover roof damage that is a direct cause of a covered peril. Covered peril includes strong winds, hailstorms, fire, or the heavy weight of ice and snow. If you can prove that the damage to your roof came from one of these perils, your insurance should cover repair costs.

In some cases, however, insurance may not compensate for damage even with a policy in place. This may be if the adjuster finds that there is a neglect of maintenance on the homeowner’s part or if the roof has aged due to normal wear and tear. Basically, if they can determine that the roof wouldn’t have been able to withstand any type of storm damage in the first place, repair might not be covered.

We provide more helpful information here: wind damage roof insurance claims and hail damage roof repair.

What To Do When Your Roof Needs Replacing

Keeping your roof in good shape with regular roof inspections and maintenance is essential for protecting your home. Minor leaks or loose shingles can quickly progress into significant leaks or even a roof collapse if not addressed. Water damage and major roof repairs will be considerably more expensive to repair than minor concerns caught early on. If you know your roof needs replacing, or if you need a second opinion, call a professional roofing contractor near you.
If you’re in the Shreveport or Bossier City areas, Quality Exteriors has your rook leakage solution covered. We provide quality roofing services as well as free roof inspections so you can keep on top of roof maintenance and detect small issues before they become more serious.

Contact Quality Exteriors As Soon As You Notice Signs of Roof Damage

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