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For homeowners, the construction materials they choose are important. The variables homeowners tend to look at are, typically: the manufacturing and transportation of the materials and the disposal of the vinyl siding. Also, is vinyl siding durable and what is vinyl siding maintenance, typically.

 There is also little to no waste associated with creating vinyl siding. The decision is ultimately up to the homeowner. 

Another pro is that the product is lightweight and easily transportable. Vinyl siding often requires long haul transportation for delivery to a store or building site. Siding is easy to move, but must frequently be moved long distances. Again, many people feel that these two cancel out, and the decision is up to the homeowner.

Durability of Vinyl Siding

One thing everyone can agree on: vinyl siding can be recycled. Vinyl is a polymer, similar to the polymers in carpets, bottles, toys, and paint, and was designed for durability. Most consider this type of siding to be long-lasting but not permanent, though it requires less maintenance than wood. 

Vinyl without additives is less durable than wood or masonry. Vinyl producers often add titanium dioxide to the chemical mixture to block UV rays that can damage the material. This has been a major upgrade to the vinyl siding of the past. 

Like anything else, vinyl siding comes in different grades with different thicknesses. Recycled vinyl siding and virgin vinyl siding top the list for most common references. Virgin vinyl siding is often touted as being superior, due to the presence of more additives that protect it. Recycled vinyl costs less. It’s also known to be less durable, but can be covered with a topcoat of the same additives that protect virgin vinyl. Contractors also have the ability to spray on liquid vinyl coatings, that may pose as a better option for some homeowners. 

Most shouldn’t consider vinyl siding installation as a “do it yourself” project. It is important to note that with vinyl, the installation will affect the durability of the siding. Thicker vinyl siding options are trusted to be more durable. However, the thicker the vinyl siding, the more difficult the installation will be. This is why it is important on projects like these that you choose an installer you trust. You want thick, quality vinyl siding, and you want it installed perfectly! 

10 years ago, the general population considered vinyl siding as a cheap alternative to wooden siding. This is not the case today, and the attitudes around housing material have shifted drastically.

Vinyl Siding Maintenance

Homeowners must continually paint or stain wood siding in order to maintain the desired effect.  However, vinyl is not maintenance-free. Homeowners should wash vinyl siding every year. We recommend doing this in a warmer time frame, as moisture trapped will accelerate rot.

Because of the moisture factor, it is important to routinely re-caulk joints between vinyl and trim. Also, fix roof leaks and repair faulty gutters as soon as possible.

Due to mold, vinyl siding may not be good for older homes with a chronically damp cellar.

Key Takeaways: Vinyl Siding Considerations

  • Good quality vinyl siding can be indestructible, but easily damaged
  • Homeowners should wash and examine vinyl regularly
  • Vinyl siding, although low maintenance, can’t be neglected

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