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Roofing Services in Louisiana and Texas

Quality Exteriors, Inc. is a prominent roofing company in the residential roof replacement industry. Our roof replacement service includes the tear off of all layers of roofing and an inspection of the roof deck for any damage or deteriorated decking. We use high quality materials as well as experienced, knowledgeable, and efficient installers. Our top priority is to install a rood that will protect one of your most valued assets, your home. Quality Exteriors, Inc. is licensed and insured in Louisiana and Texas, and all of our projects are properly permitted and inspected.

Roofing Replacement

If you have an aging roof or are no longer satisfied with the shingle color or appearance, a roof replacement may be in order. Homeowners and business owners often stay on top of painting, replacing windows, or performing other exterior upgrades and maintenance, but the roof often falls to the bottom of the list. However, a dated roof can significantly detract from the overall appearance—and property value—of your building. With a roof replacement, we’ll make sure your roof measures up to the rest of your property. We’ll install a beautiful roof that’s meant to last.

Why Roof Maintenance Matters

Taking care of your roof with regular roof inspections and roof maintenance is key to protecting your home or business. Left unchecked, minor leaks or loose shingles can deteriorate into major leaks or even a roof collapse down the road. Water damage and significant roof repairs will be far more costly to repair than smaller issues when you catch them early on. Our team at Quality Exteriors offers superior roofing services and free roof inspections so you can stay on top of roof maintenance and catch minor problems before they worsen.

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